Lobbying & Government Relations

Lobbying & Government Relations

Shaping Policy and Politics

Known in the industry for our honesty and integrity, we bring a passionate knowledge of both state and local government policies and processes. We work throughout the year to keep your story on the table – from the legislative session to high-official desks. Our strategic lobbying keep you front and center, engaged and highly visible.

G Berry Corp is bi-partisan with extensive experience in government, public organizations and private enterprise. We seek to identify opportunities and build coalition communications on your behalf and proactively drive favorable decisions.

Our success at shaping policy and politics on our clients behalf has included the mining industry and public schools, with a full range of industries in between.

Lobbying and Government Relations Activities:

  • The tracking, monitoring, reporting and analysis of legislation and legislative decision making
  • The monitoring and analysis of executive branch decisions and proposed rules and regulations
  • Direct advocacy with legislators and government officials and their staff
  • Building relationships with legislative and executive branch officials
  • Strategic counseling of legislation
  • Thorough knowledge of legislative and procedural rules
  • Witness preparation
  • Engaging grassroots and coalition support
  • Legislative drafting
  • PAC research
  • Ballot initiative analysis