This is Gayle Berry, owner and principal of GBerryCorp. She is holding a 40lb. gold ingot poured by one of our clients, a gold mining company...and next door she is at the controls of the train operated by a tourism client.

Colorado is a great place to work and play. Can you blame us for being excited?

Count on G Berry Corp to enthusiastically and effectively represent your interests here.

Our Approach

We are about relationship building. Political partnerships can change very quickly so we work equally with both Republicans and Democrats. Accomplishing anything requires coalitions of legislators, the governor, constituent groups, and the civil servants who manage day to day operations. We build effective relationships with all of them.


Basically, lobbying is advocating for or against proposed legislation. But in practice it is much more than that. We draft bills and amendments, secure sponsors and procure votes, produce position papers and fact sheets, and manage grass roots, constituent support for your issues.

Government Affairs

Government affairs management is the job of representing you year round at all levels of government including the legislature, the governor, the regulatory environment, and local government. We make contacts. We assist in negotiations, influence regulations, and ensure that your issues stay on the front burner when you need something done.

“Gayle created the access we needed to do business with the State of Colorado”

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